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Have you heard no from the bank for a line of credit?

At Catalyst Financial, we can support businesses who don't currently qualify for a bank line of credit. Instead of providing you a loan, we turn your unpaid invoices into cash, at great rates! This lets you fund your every day expenses and have time to build your business.

Transparency is essential to our business approach.

  • We make it easy to transition away from factoring and to the bank for a line of credit whenever you're ready.
  • There are no exit fees when a company leaves Catalyst.
  • We offer flexibility and fast financing, typically in less than 24 hours.
  • We don't lock you in with misleading rates. Our team is upfront and here to walk you through this process.

We are often the ones to tell a company when they are ready for bank financing. If a customer no longer requires our services, that means we've helped grow their business. We are proud that we could be part of their success.

What type of companies typically qualify for factoring?

Common industries include oil and gas, service companies, manufacturers, trucking, wholesalers, and staffing. Other indicators that factoring can help include:

  • Start-up and/or rapidly growing companies
  • Companies with a non-revolving line of credit
  • Companies who do not qualify for a traditional LOC
  • Companies selling to customers on terms (i.e. net 30 days)
  • Accounts receivable is the primary asset
  • Large concentration with one or two customers
  • Principals/Owners with less than perfect credit
  • Seasonal or uneven sales patterns

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