Case Study

Fixing COVID cash flow challenges

Catalyst Financial Company

Valley Lightning Torque & Test, located in Edinburg, TX, was a fairly new business that lacked established credit. They were working with a factoring partner who reached their own personal credit limit, and in turn, was unable to provide the funding that Valley required. Valley was put in a tough spot – they would either need to downsize their business or find a new partner who could keep up with their demand.

Catalyst was able to provide Valley with a much larger credit limit, in addition to offering over $100,000 in equipment loans to continue to grow their business. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Valley’s business was put on pause for several months. Catalyst was able to accommodate the unforeseen disruption by pausing their principal equipment loan payment until business picked back up. In addition, we did not change their factoring line amount, even with the increased risk due to increasing oil and gas payment terms. The company is starting to see growth again and is optimistic about their 2021 outlook!

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