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“This was the experience and outcome everyone wants when they make a referral in business”

A well-established construction material supplier was incurring significant losses. Their banker couldn’t renew their line of credit, so they referred them to Catalyst.

A security staffing firm saved big by switching to the right type of funding.

Because of how quickly a staffing company was growing, they had to turn to MCA loans to make payroll. When their banker saw the debt the staffing company was in, they referred them to Catalyst.

Fixing COVID cash flow challenges

We helped this oilfield torque and test company grow through an increased line of credit and equipment financing.

How much could these common invoice factoring fees cost your business?

Monthly minimums, termination fees, cancellation fees and admin fees. Unlike many of our competitors, you’ll never see these often hidden rates charged by Catalyst. Learn what these charges mean and why you should avoid them.

Catalyst’s flexible terms helped this company improve their cash flow.

Alexis Group Logistics, a trucking company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, needed to improve cash flow in order to pay drivers and purchase equipment needed to keep their business running.

Will my customers know I’m factoring?

A business’s communications with its customers, particularly around finances and payment, is essential to the business relationship. So naturally, one of the first questions a business new to factoring often wants to know is how we will work with their customers, known to us as account debtors.

Factoring helped this company pay back the IRS and the bank.

An IT Staffing company that specializes in providing very skilled programmers to large consulting firms had outgrown their bank line of credit. Due to the lack of working capital, the company was unable to pay the bank back and they also could not meet their payroll tax obligations.

We worked with the bank to structure a different kind of payment plan.

A young fabrication company hit a rough-spot when the oil and gas market began to decline in 2015. They maxed out their line of credit with the bank and were upside-down in their payments. Their primary collateral for a line of credit was their A/R. The borrower needed more working capital, but the bank couldn’t extend them anymore.

Can releasing collateral actually improve your chances of getting paid back?

We’ve found if the bank detects certain trends early on, a partner like Catalyst could be the answer to help both bank and borrower.

“Catalyst acted quickly and professionally. They worked with me and the customer to get them back to work.”

Beyond just looking at receivables, we looked at the company’s ownership, opportunities, and vision. Even though this particular company was experiencing a temporary loss in profit, the potential for growth was evident to our team.

Factoring for Oilfield Service Company

This company was established because of the increased demand for welding and fabrication to service the fracking fleets in West Texas for the oil & gas industry. Catalyst helped fund their explosive growth.

What alternative financing options do you have if the bank says no?

We all love a good Shark Tank episode, but did you know there are other ways to finance your business that don’t make you give up equity? We outline several options to consider.

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