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5 benefits to using a freight factoring company

Freight factoring is when a company that transports a load sells the resulting invoice from that haul to a financial company at a small discount. This can also be known as invoice factoring, load factoring, transportation factoring, or accounts receivable financing.

Finding the right fit with your factoring company is key.

When a company needed to document their invoices differently, Catalyst was able to work with them.

Struggling to get financing because of customer concentration? Factoring can help.

Most banks that issue a revolving line of credit want a business to have less than 20-25% concentration with any one customer. If your customers have good credit, factoring is one of the best options for a company with a small customer base.

Staffing Financing: Outgrowing a LOC

After a pipeline inspection staffing company outgrew their traditional line of credit, Catalyst was able to pay off the bank and provide the additional funds to keep the business growing.

Working Capital Financing Options

Defined as the amount of money a business has on-hand to pay for short-term expenses, working capital is an effective way to measure a business’s short-term financial security.

“This was the experience and outcome everyone wants when they make a referral in business”

A well-established construction material supplier was incurring significant losses. Their banker couldn’t renew their line of credit, so they referred them to Catalyst.

“It was good for all parties; and the turnaround time was very fast…The company still banks with us, and the implementation of a quick solution with Catalyst made what could have been a complicated problem, be a smooth solution.”
– Executive Vice President & Bank Referral Partner

A security staffing firm saved big by switching to the right type of funding.

Because of how quickly a staffing company was growing, they had to turn to MCA loans to make payroll. When their banker saw the debt the staffing company was in, they referred them to Catalyst. Read on to see how Catalyst was able to save this company over $100,000.

Fixing COVID cash flow challenges

We helped this oilfield torque and test company grow through an increased line of credit and equipment financing. Read on to see how Catalyst helped this oil and gas company throughout COVID-19.

How much could these common invoice factoring fees cost your business?

Monthly minimums, termination fees, cancellation fees and admin fees. Unlike many of our competitors, you’ll never see these often hidden rates charged by Catalyst. Learn what these charges mean and why you should avoid them.

Catalyst’s flexible terms helped this company improve their cash flow.

“Working with Catalyst was the best choice we have ever made! The staff is amazing, extremely helpful, and very courteous. They are also extremely quick with equipment financing. On a scale of 1-10, we would definitely rate them a 100!!” -Wayne Alexis Jr., CEO at Alexis Group Logistics Co.

Will my customers know I’m factoring?

A business’s communications with its customers, particularly around finances and payment, is essential to the business relationship. So naturally, one of the first questions a business new to factoring often wants to know is how we will work with their customers, known to us as account debtors.

Factoring helped this company pay back the IRS and the bank.

An IT Staffing company that specializes in providing very skilled programmers to large consulting firms had outgrown their bank line of credit. Due to the lack of working capital, the company was unable to pay the bank back and they also could not meet their payroll tax obligations.

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