Case Study

Back to the bank in less than 24 months

Catalyst Financial Company


A well-experienced business owner was starting a transportation factoring company. As all new businesses, he needed 2 years of business history to qualify for a traditional line of credit at the bank. He was considering multiple financing options, including taking on investors. His bank referred him to Catalyst Financial, as the two companies target different audiences with their factoring businesses.


The business owner was impressed with Catalyst Financial’s flexibility and personalized service so he decided to move forward with the team. OperFi and Catalyst Financial had a great partnership for 2 years, and are now preparing for a transition to a traditional line of credit with the bank who referred them. By choosing to factor with Catalyst, OperFi retained their equity and was able to grow rapidly while Catalyst adjusted their funding regularly to meet their growing needs.

From the client:

“It might sound cliché to say it, but Catalyst Financial really was the catalyst to our growth. They made adjustments as I needed them, increasing our facility, decreasing our fees as soon as we qualified, and increasing our advance rate. They took the time to understand my business. They also knew my goal was to qualify for traditional financing with the bank as soon as possible. Once I qualified, they made the transition easy, didn’t charge any termination fees as promised even though they were losing a large client. They are definitely one of the better factors out there. Seeing how they operate, I can attest that they are as honest and transparent as they claim.”

– Tom Croteau, Business Owner

From the banker:

“This was a great deal for everyone involved. By pairing a great business owner with the flexibility that Catalyst Financial offers, OperFi was able to grow exponentially faster than they could with a traditional line of credit. Catalyst met the capital needs from day one. They are a transparent and trustworthy operation all-around, which makes referring to them an easy decision. Even now as we complete the transition back to our bank, the Catalyst team is helpful, forthright, and focused on supporting the customer’s best interests.”

– Bank Referral Partner

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