Case Study

Our funding helped Jaguar Fueling get to the next level in their business.

Catalyst Financial Company

Challenge: Jaguar Fueling, a fuel company whose business was successful and almost to the point where they were self-funding was impacted significantly by Hurricane Harvey. There was a combination of growth opportunities as well as cash flow challenges. The company sought help from their bank for equipment financing and a line of credit to help them with the substantial increase in business. Unfortunately, the bank wasn’t able to turn the request around quickly enough and provide the amount the company needed to meet the demands of their customers.

Funded: The bank recommended they talk with Catalyst. We were able to get a factoring facility in place in a matter of days as well as finance the additional fuel tanks that were needed. This company has recently replaced their factoring facility with a conventional revolving line of credit at the bank that referred them to Catalyst.

"I would totally recommend Catalyst. They really helped us to get to the next stage by not only offering factoring but also equipment financing and specialty loans to help us get to the next step of traditional line of credit with a bank. We would not be where are today without the help of Catalyst. They are a great solution for new and growing businesses. They have competitive rates and are large enough to service you but small enough to know you and help you grow."

- Amber Isaacks, Vice President

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