Case Study

A new company needed funding to bring their vision to life.

Oilfield Factoring Company

Challenge: A group of engineering executives saw an opportunity in the market to start a new company that could fill a void in the marketplace. They founded Arion Blue, a full-service, multi-discipline engineering and design firm serving the Oil & Gas industry. The team invested substantially in the business, however, based on the projected revenue and their projected payroll, they sought out a bank line of credit to assist with their working capital needs. Unfortunately, the bank was unable to offer them a traditional line of credit because it was a brand new company.

Funded: The banker they contacted looked at their opportunity and while he couldn’t offer them financing, he knew they would be a great fit for Catalyst. Through the referral, we were able to put in place a factoring facility that allowed them the working capital they needed. It’s been a great partnership and Arion Blue is thriving.

"Given that this is the first time in my career that I have worked with AR factoring, Catalyst Financial has made the process and subsequent accounting seamless. They are experts in this field and work with you to ensure timeliness, accuracy, and completeness. Catalyst is very responsive and conducts their business exactly as promised. Our banker thought very highly of the company. He did us a huge favor by connecting us with Catalyst Financial. They are very professional. They are a great partner in making funds available and helping with your cash flow at very reasonable costs."

- Elaine Lisenbe, Chief Financial Officer

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