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Distribution financing

Invoice factoring gets distribution companies cash faster.

For more than 25 years, Catalyst has provided financing options to businesses in the distribution industry. We have worked with many entrepreneurs to launch or grow their business in the distribution industry and understand the unique challenges that businesses in this industry face: seasonal purchasing cycles, customers that pay on 30, 60, or 90+ day terms, slow-paying customers, and more.

These challenges lead to extreme fluctuations in cash flow that prevent you from making monthly payments, offering more generous payment terms, taking on new product lines, or benefiting from early pay discounts offered by suppliers.

Factoring with Catalyst can help you get cash as soon as your invoice is generated.

This type of financing, known as invoice purchasing, factoring, or accounts receivable financing is what we have specialized in at Catalyst. We can help you significantly improve cash flow at reasonable, competitive rates.

Why factor with Catalyst:

Our team provides a level of service and personalized attention uncommon in our industry. You'll have a direct contact who manages your account and provides assistance with credit decisions.

  • Highly competitive rates
  • No long-term contracts
  • No maintenance fees
  • Online reporting
  • Rebates paid weekly
  • Advance rates up to 90%
  • Daily reporting of receipts
  • Recourse and non-recourse programs

Your financial interests are our top priority.

No long term contracts means that as soon as your business is ready, we help you transition to a traditional bank line of credit. Many of our customers actually come to Catalyst because their banker refers them and trusts us to provide the best service. Our average customer works with us for 18-24 months before qualifying for a line of credit. 

Case Study


Catalyst’s flexible terms helped this company improve their cash flow.

Challenge: Alexis Group Logistics, a trucking company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, needed to improve cash flow to pay drivers and purchase equipment needed to keep their business running. Due to the nature of their business, Alexis Group Logistics typically had a 45-60 day waiting period for a normal invoice to get paid.

Additionally, when they originally tried business factoring, their original partner placed a limit on what percentage of their business could be conducted with a particular customer.

Funded: In Alexis Group Logistics’s case, their customer had very strong credit. So we were able to allow flexibility, which allowed Alexis to take on new opportunities and grow. Factoring with Catalyst allowed AGL to free up cash flow to pay drivers and purchase new equipment.

“Working with Catalyst was the best choice we have ever made! The staff is amazing, extremely helpful, and very courteous. They are also extremely quick with equipment financing. On a scale of 1-10, we would definitely rate them a 100!!”
Wayne Alexis Jr., Alexis Group Logistics Co.


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